How To Become A Villainette

I will do my best to try and explain how you can rank to a Villainette Member.

First of all you need a Instagram account, because it’s on Instagram where all the action is, and The Villainettes main social media. They are on Facebook and Twitter as well, but not as active as they are on Instagram. So, head on over to Instagram and sign up if you haven’t, it’s the first step on your journey on how to become a Villainette Member.

Now that you have instagram, make sure you follow and message @thevillainettes. They can answer your questions and refer you to our Villainette Scouts. Scouts are Villainettes who help grow the community and are on the lookout for new (potential) members. They are more than pleased to inform you about the Sisterhood and guide you on your way.

When scouted, you will be be given our guidelines. The guidelines is a very important part of the sisterhood. They keep us family friendly and classy. Upon reviewing and accepting the guidelines, you will start your road to become a Villainette Member.

Your journey will begin from being a Villainette Supporter, which is a short phase in which women are given the opportunity to show interest and dedication.

Your first rank up will be from Supporter to Villainette Hopeful. The Villainette Hopeful phase is a period of time where you learn about us, our values, and our organization. We learn about you and give you the opportunity to show us your beliefs follow with ours.

Next phase of your journey will be Villainette Prospect. This is your first patch along the journey. You will use this time to continue showing the sisterhood your loyalty, support, and beliefs. One of the most important things on how to become a Villainette Prospect is to be active and show your support by liking / commenting on other Villainette’s photos, while using appropriate hashtags of course.

After Villainette Prospect you become a Villainette Member, which is the second patch in your journey. Being a Villainette Member you begin to help lead the group in the positive direction we are taking it.

Remember, the more active you are, the faster you’ll rank. So remember to post and tag our leadership. When posting on Instagram, don’t forget to use your hashtags! Hashtags play a vital role in jour journey, as they are a way to keep track of Villainette’s posts.