The Villainettes

Who are the Villainettes?
The Villainettes a worldwide sisterhood. It was founded on 5th May 2015. The Villainettes is a stand alone group of badazz and classy women of all ages and walks of life who are all united in the belief we can do our part in the betterment of our community and the betterment of this world by leading by example.

We are mothers daughters, sisters, wives but, just as importantly, we are friends. ❤ We are fierce, fearless, keen and strong. We are sharp, and we are explosive. We embody family values with a feminine touch.

The essences of character that define The Villainettes: truth, honor, respect, family, loyalty, class.

My journey
It is an honor to be part of this worldwide family, the sisterhood The Villainettes. I started my journey on 5th September 2018 as a Villainette Supporter, which is a short phase in which women are given the opportunity to show interest and dedication.

On October 4th 2018 I ranked up from Supporter to Villainette Hopeful. The Villainette Hopeful phase can been seen as some kind as “trial period”, to feel or you can give yourself 100% to the sisterhood. It’s a phase in which I will be learning more about The Villainettes, their values and their organisation. And, of course, my sisters will get to know more about me and what I stand for.

On June 8th 2019 I became a Villainette Prospect. One of the most important things on how to become a Villainette Prospect is to be active and show your support by liking / commenting on other Villainette’s photos, while using appropriate hashtags of course. Getting my rank up to Villainette Prospect, is a very exciting and huge step for me, because of becoming Prospect means my sisters saw something special in me. And I received my first official (digital) patch!

In March 2020 I started my started my training to become ann official Villainette Scout, which means from now on I can help grow the community by scouting new ladies and help them on their wonderful journey. My Scout name is #TheLadyGothScout, which fits me like a glove! And I even have my own “flag”. Being a Villainette Scout really makes me feel involved in The Sisterhood.

On March 31st 2020 I ranked up to Villainette Member, which is my second official (digital) patch. I’m so pleased and honored to be a proud member of this wonderful community now.

What this sisterhood means to me?
This question is harder to answer than you may think. Sisterhood means something different to everyone. To me, The Villainettes sisterhood is more than just a group of girls. They are my friends, my family, my support system, and my life. It’s about growing as a person through experiences that you have been through with them. It’s about never turning your back on any of them, even if you don’t get along all the time.