Photo Shooting At Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

One of my favorite photo locations is definitely “Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord”. You’ll find lots of industrial buildings and history there. It’s really fascinating to see how the nature complements the old industrial facilities. 

A bit of history:
The “Landschaftspark” (located in Duisburg, Germany) is a former coal and steel production plant, which was closed in 1985, when overcapacity in the European steel market had to be reduced. The more than 200-hectare brownfield site was left abandoned and polluted, but a group of concerned citizens took action ant protested the proposed demolition of the site. 

In 1991 Latz + Partner (Peter Latz) came up with the current design of the park, with the intention that it work to heal and understand the industrial past, rather than trying to reject it. Latz recognized the value of the site’s current condition. This even included leaving contaminated soil in place and be remediated through “phytoremediation” (a natural solution using plants to break down pollutants).

The park is designed in such a way that there are barriers, both natural and man-made (in the form of metal gates or locked doors), to keep you within the areas that are safe to tread. It’s very smartly done and doesn’t feel restrictive at all. 

Well, that’s enough history for now. Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord is just a great venue to take interesting photographs. It’s really amazing how many different views and angles you can get. You can choose to take photos on the ground, on a staircase, a platform, or a tower… the options are infinite!

The industrial scenery of the Landschaftpark is perfect to combine with different (clothing) styles, from traditional fashion to dark Gothic. That’s why my sweet boyfriend Count vlAD and I visit the park now and then to work out awesome photo shootings.

This time I wanted to work out two kind of urban goth settings; a though dark(er) setting and the other one more cute. For the though dark(er) setting I combined my hand-crafted cage skirt, which I made for this year’s Castlefest Summer Edition, with a black leather corset and some black leather(look) accessories. For the cute setting I decided to wear a red plaid skirt with a black top… simple but cute.  

I am thrilled to show off the results. You can also find the pictures on my Facebook page.

The Faded Glory Of The Heuff

My sweet boyfriend Count vlAD and I visited the old abandoned stone factory Heuff last weekend. I’ve always had this thing for old and abandoned places. I feel like each location has it’s own unique story to tell.

The stone factory Heuff was manufacturing bricks since the end of the 19th century and has been active for over 100 years, until 1991. After 1991 the factory became dilapidated.

Nowadays only the old ovens and the chimney are left over, so there isn’t much to see. But it’s still a very nice location for taking pictures on on a sunny afternoon.

You can also find the pictures on my Facebook page.