For The Love Of Corsets

I’m an avid fan of corsets, as you can probably tell if you follow my Facebook model page or Instagram. Most people see corsets as a sexy piece of lingerie, but generally I consider corsets to be their own category of clothing, and more of a piece of classy outerwear than underwear.

In my experience, wearing a corset feels a bit like being hugged. A gentle squeeze, perfectly proportioned all around your torso. A good quality corset gives the best support you’ve ever felt (better than your best fitting bra) but with no weight on your shoulders and no elastic digging in anywhere. And, ladies, isn’t that what we all want? 😉

Although I love to wear corsets, I don’t wear them every day and I am not doing “(corset) waist training”. I mostly wear corsets during my visits to Renaissance fairs and during photo shootings. In everyday life, I also wear jeans and comfy sweaters.

A brief history of corsets
Corsets throughout history have been almost exclusively an undergarment for the majority of the time. During their heyday in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, corsets transformed from a purely functional piece of clothing to a beautiful piece of lingerie. With the introduction of luxurious silk fabrics and dainty lace trims, many corsets became elegant components of trousseaus or decadent boudoir accompaniments, a new incarnation for these previously staid garments. 

Yet in the latter half of the 20th century (in the 1960s), when a slim athletic figure came into style, exercising replaced shape-wear for attaining an ideal figure. And for a long while, corsets were a rare item for those not into historical reenactment or the fetish scene.

It wasn’t until around the 1980s that corsets saw a major resurgence (one that we can largely attribute to Jean Paul Gaultier’s corseted costumes for Madonna). Corsets stopped being solely hidden under clothing.

Many corsets are now being designed exclusively as outerwear pieces, whether these be as casual wear, evening wear, or bridal wear. These pieces still often give a nod to lingerie though.

My thoughts on corsetry
The area of corsetry that most interests me most is couture. I follow some amazing designers on social media and Etsy. It would be criminal to cover up their beautiful corsets with clothing. And besides, these corsets do not look as underwear at all. They are an unique piece of clothing on their own. But unfortunately, these unique creations are often way out of my budget.

I prefer to buy steel bone corsets. Why? Because they fit into my budget and, more important, a corset without steel bones is like a car without gas… it simply doesn’t work. Corsets that use cheaper plastic boning are simply for looks or fashion, but will literally burst at the seams if you try to tighten down.

I regularly purchase my corsets online. Here are my top three online stores for affordable and good quality corsets:

  1. – Where I buy most of my corsets. They sell good quality corsets and shipping is free. 
  2. – When I stumbled across this website; It was like finding gold! They sell such a wide variety of corsets.
  3. – Just gotta love the beauties in this shop!

I sure hope this will be helpful in saving you time and money when it comes to shopping for a nice corset.


Picture by Imaginem Photography