LA Splash Wickedly Divine Lipstick

This will be my very first product review post. As most of you probably know, I usually write about my recent photo shootings, vinyl or book collection and everyday adventures (like festival visits). Normally I don’t see my blog posts as reviews. I would describe them more as some kind of journal (diary-like post), in which I write about my actions, thoughts and feelings. But, I wanted to give product reviewing a try. So, here we go, hope you guys like it!

Lipsticks are a bit of a thing of mine, I’ve come to realise. I recently posted some pictures of my favorite shades on my Instagram. Plus, as a Villainette Prospect, I am living a “lipstick” lifestyle. And right now I am beyond obsessed with the Wickedly Divine Liquid Lipsticks by LA Splash Cosmetics. And there’s no better day to publish a review of these wonderful “lippies” than on National Lipstick Day.

I discovered the liquid lipsticks by LA Splash Cosmetics through a friend’s recommendation. Because of she was so enthusiastic about this brand, I decided I needed to try this lipstick myself.

While searching on the world wide web, I stumbled upon this amazing lipstick collection called ‘Angels and Sinners Story Book Collection’, which has been released on March 15th 2017. They claim the formula to deliver a long-lasting super comfortable wear. Something I needed to check out for myself. 

The full ‘Angels and Sinners Story Book Collection’ features no less then 16 lip products total. It consists of the Sinfully Angelic Lip Glosses in eight lovely shades (Afriel, Angelique, Erela, Seraphina, Gleam, Divinity, Ambriel and Haziel) and the Wickedly Divine Matte Liquid Lipsticks, which also come in eight dark mysterious shades (Kiss of Death, Fallen Angel, Moriferous, Brides Revenge, Evil Darling, Vampire’s Fang, Dragon’s Blood and Black of Night).

Each product (lip gloss or liquid lipstick) retails for approximately € 16,00 each, so if you are only interested in a few colors, you don’t have to get the whole bundle. And, because I did’t wanted a lip gloss, I decided to buy myself four lovely dark shades of liquid lipsticks only. I just love a dark “vampy” look! So, I treated myself to Kiss of Death (901), Mortiferous (903), Brides Revenge (904) and Vampire’s Fang (906). The names of the shades alone made me want to buy them!

I have to confess I just can’t get enough of the packaging. I really love love love it! It’s a really unique, and almost a bit Gothic, design. You can see the color through the bottom part and the crystal on top of the wand, which looks a bit like a crown, is such a cute detail. This packaging is just made for us dark princesses!

And, most important, LA Splash Cosmetics kept their promise! The formula of these lipsticks is really silky and comfortable. It goes on on super smooth, has a great pigmentation and doesn’t feel dry at all. Each color stayed on for a long time and I could barely feel that I had put lipstick on. Really amazing!

Furthermore, the (new) teardrop shaped wand gives you a more precise application. And because of the wand has a little pocket in the center which holds the product, you don’t need to dip the product multiple times to fill your lips. 

 To conclude: this lipstick makes me very happy. Plus, this LA Splash lipsticks are vegan-friendly as well as cruelty- free, which makes me even happier. It’s good to know that the ingredients used are good for me and the earth.