When Gothic Meets Burlesque

Last Saturday (10th February 2018), I attended Perfect-GS-Picture’s burlesque inspired photo shooting event. This was also my first official photo shooting of 2018. It was a very nice and well-organized day and I really had lots of fun.

What is burlesque? Burlesque is a very old and very popular form of entertainment. It is an art form that grew up in America in the mid twentieth century. In essence, burlesque is “vintage stripping”, or striptease, but arguably sexier (and by the end of the night, far cheaper) than a strip club.

Entering the world of burlesque is like entering a fantasy world. Burlesque dancers tantalize your visual senses with the art of tease and seduction while looking fabulous in leather, fringe and feathers. It’s not so much about about flaunting what you’ve got, but subtly revealing what’s underneath. Burlesque is a combination of sensuality and seduction with a charming flair. 

I just love burlesque costumes. But, as a huge corset lover, my burlesque outfits aren’t complete without a corset. Especially steel boned corsets can give you that really beautiful hourglass shape by pulling your waist in and shaping it.

It’s not often that I work out burlesque inspired photo shootings. And, being a “gothic model”, I wanted to combine the femininity and glamour of burlesque with the intrigue and darkness of Goth. And I think it just worked out just great. 

I am over the moon to share the amazing results. You can also find these pictures (and even more) on my Facebook page.


Photographer: Perfect GS Picture | MUA: Maggot’s visagie & grime | Co-model: Count vlAD