My Love For Vampires

Vampires have always (and probably will always) be my favorite supernatural creatures. Perhaps that’s the main reason I can’t ever get enough of “vampire photo shootings”. But why do I love vampires? What is it I like so much about those dark creatures?

I have been fascinated with vampires for as long as I can remember. I see vampires as incredibly sexy, powerful and passionate creatures that can also be dangerous or even deadly. They usually live in amazing castle-like homes, often hundreds of years old (like themselves), or luxury mansions. 

Vampires take you to a different world… a world of fantasy and mystery, a world of dreams. Vampires are like mirrors. They are the monsters we hide, and in the watching, in the reading, they exorcise us and show us something beautiful. Their lust for blood resonates with our lust for what’s forbidden. Vampires can live forever but they have their limitations. And not being responsible could cause their death.

According to popular belief, vampires drink blood from the living and hunt them under the cover of darkness. The vampire sucks the blood from (the necks of) its victims using its fangs, leaving behind the telltale two puncture holes in the victim. 

In general, vampires hunt at night since sunlight weakens their powers.  Some may have the ability to morph into the form of an animal, usually a bat or a wolf, in order to sneak up on a victim.

Their teeth, or fangs, they fascinate me. The idea that a “person” that looks perfectly normal can ultimately reveal their true nature and ravage you in a split second (not talking sexually here) is very interesting to me. They are like the ultimate wicked predator.

I even have my own custom made fangs made by Persephone Pearls. They look so realistic and neat. I would seriously recommend custom made fangs for anyone who is looking for some vampire fangs to complete their Halloween costumes… or for the Vampire Freaks like me who just want to rock a pair of fangs.

Great strength

Vampires are basically invincible due to their supernatural powers and abilities, which can vary greatly depending on their generation, age or blood type. Their powers can include the power of enhanced senses, mind control, shape-shifting and, of course, super-strength. What kind of abilities a vampire may have, I would rather not have them as my enemy.

Eternal life
One of their powers is that vampires are purported to live forever. Once you become a vampire you’ll be youthful and ageless. That sounds pretty cool in a way. After all, who wants to get old? 

Legend has it that a vampire can only be killed if it’s stabbed through the heart with a stake, shot through the heart with a silver bullet, burned, beheaded or exposed to sunlight, although vampires are also intolerant of garlic, holy water and crucifixes.

Vampire stories
There are so many books and movies, covering all kinds of mythologies surrounding this immortal creatures.
 And I have to confess I love them all. Every author, every book and every movie has its own ideas to the vampire character. All interest me and I don’t bash any particular idea of what a person may feel a vampire should be like.

I grew up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I loved the vampires and I wanted to see more of them. The television show might be just over 20 years old now, but I still think it’s one of the best television shows ever made.

My all-time favorite vampire movie is definitely Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992). It’s a very interesting adaptation of Stoker’s book version of Dracula and probably the most successful Dracula movie in recent times. With an excellent performances by Gary Oldman as the titular Transylvanian menace. The movie feels a little too long at times, but its rich atmosphere, gorgeous set design, and sympathetic portrayal of its characters outweighs its run-time issues.

Talking about vampire stories, did you guys knew (my alter ego) Vampire Queen Lady V. has her own vampire story? You can read it on my page A Vampire’s Tale.


Pictures by: Perfect-GS-Picture