Black Label Society Shirt

Time for another little Metal ME blog post. I have a lot of favorite bands, which all are going to be revealed over time, so stay tuned! 😉

Another one of my all time favorite bands is Black Label Society. Frontman Zakk Wylde is definitely the best guitar player I have ever seen… and heard. 

This awesome black-and-white BLS shirt is a little souvenir of Wylde’s ‘Book Of Shadows II’ tour (27th May 2016 @ Philharmonie Haarlem, The Netherlands). It really was an awesome show and the fist time I saw the master shredder Zakk Wylde performing live… absofreakinlutely amazing! I’m sure I will see (and hear) him more in future… with or without his mighty Black Label Society. 😉

Zakk Wylde’s solo career is a major detour from Black Label Society career: it’s influenced by southern rock, country and blues. The kind of music you would listen to escape from all the chaos of the society.  
What makes ‘Book Of Shadows II’ such a great album is that Wylde knows what he’s playing, knows what message he wants to convey and, most of all, it’s from the heart. And as they say, any words spoken from heart will touch the heart, no matter what they are.