Witchy Halloween Photo Shoot With Vandervenfotografie

Halloween is an amazing time of year to get creative with photography. Although Halloween is not actually a traditional Dutch thing, and the Dutch don’t really seem to go in for Halloween the same way as other countries, I just can’t let it pass unnoticed. I just love this spooky holiday too much! I mean, what’s not to like about Halloween? It’s spooky, it’s fun, it’s the awesome decorations, it’s dressing up (you can be as creative as you want), it inspires generosity ├ánd anyone can enjoy (not just the kids).

As it comes to Halloween creatures, Witches are probably one of the most traditional as well as mysterious entities we associate with Halloween. The image of a witch riding her broomstick across a full moon is probably still one of the most familiair Halloween symbols today.

I personally love witches and witch stories. So, I decided to honor this image, by working out a Witchy (but classy) Halloween photo shoot. Smoke bombs, a witches kettle, skulls, and even a magic wand were packed to go. We visited one of my favorite locations. You may recognize it from 2018’s Outdoor Burlesque With Photographer Made By Manja.

Photographer(s) Vandervenfotografie (Cornel and Marijke van der Ven) and I really had a wicked time! We experimented with smoke bomb positioning, resulted in a really cool effect.

I am over the moon to share the amazing results. You can also find the pictures on my Facebook page.

Happy Halloween, everyone!