Happy Easter!

This year I wanted to share some new pictures to wish my followers a happy Easter. So I scheduled a little last-minute photo shooting with my nephew Cornel van der Ven aka Vandervenfotografie. It’s always handy to have a professional photographer close by. 

Easter is a dual holiday, like Christmas, both solemnly religious, but with joyful overtones… and that makes Easter a perfect theme for photo shootings. Easter does have its own set of decorations and accouterments, so it wouldn’t be a true Easter photo shoot without some cute bunny ears, Easter eggs or spring flowers.

I know a bunny outfit is a classic for an Easter photo. But I wanted to create some lovely Easter pictures in my own “alternative style” though. And I already had a very nice concept in mind.

We had a short but fun photo shooting and I am very pleased to share the results. You can also find the pictures on my Facebook page.

Happy Easter, everyone! Hope you’ll have a lovely relaxing weekend with a little chocolate and lots of good times with your favorite people.