BEARDsterdam 2019

My sweet bearded boyfriend Count vlAD and I went to BEARDsterdam 2019, which was held exactly four weeks ago today, on the 11th of may 2019, at Pakhuis West in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This was my first time visiting the event BEARDsterdam and I really had a great time; good (and in the majority) bearded company to spend the day with, sunny weather, fine background music and some really cool performances. To cap it all, I had the honor to meet some of my sisters of The Villainettes Sisterhood (also for the first time)… how cool is that?

What is BEARDsterdam?
For those who don’t know, BEARDsterdam is Europe’s Biggest beard-event for beards and beard-lovers, hosted and powered by the Dutch Chapter of the Bearded Villains.
This year’s edition of BEARDsterdam was in the interest of doing good for the KiKa Foundation, the only charity in the Netherlands that raises funds for innovative research and other activities in the field of all forms of childhood cancer, aimed at less pain, more cure and a better quality of life. Furthermore, KiKa focuses on providing information. I think supporting the KiKa Foundation is a great initiative!

There were many fun things to do and see during this year’s edition of BEARDsterdam:

  • Beard care and barbering.
  • Tattooing. Some of the best tattoo artists of Europe were ready to to ink you up!
  • Merchandise stands with different unique products from all over the world, among with various Beard Villains Chapter merchandise. I managed to buy myself some nice new chapter patches to sew on my “patch corset”. 
  • Pin-up contests.
  • Live music.
  • And, of course, a beard competition. Because a beard event cannot be without a beard competition. Europe’s best beards took the challenge of becoming Best European Beard!

Bearded Villains, BV-supporters, beards and beard-lovers from all around the globe visited BEARDsterdam and I have seen and met a lot of interesting people this day.

Talking about meeting people, it was truly amazing meeting some of my beautiful sisters of The Villainette Sisterhood during BEARDsterdam 2019, including my scout and guide during my journey to become an official Villainettes Member. I have completely embraced all of these wonderful women in my heart, which is how deep the sisterhood goes. I hope to have the opportunity to meet them, and even more of my sisters, again someday. 

To conclude: BEARDsterdam 2019 was well worth the visit and is a great place to hang out with friends. I am already looking forward to next year’s edition!

More information about BEARDsterdam can be found on the website