Bat Under-boop Tattoo

There it is: my brand new “bat underboob tattoo”. And I just think it’s absofreakinglutely awesome. ?

Every tattoo on my body has a specific meaning to it and each one was carefully thought out. Although you may not expect it, the same is true for my latest “bat underboob tattoo”.

I just LOVE bats. ? They are cute and a bit scary at the same time. And they remind me of vampires, my favorite scary creatures. But that’s another story. ?

Let’s face it, bats have a bad reputation. Bats have long been associated with mystery, evil, death, and the supernatural. But their spooky reputation doesn’t match reality: bats are fascinating! And quite a few species (there are over 1,000 different species) actually can be pretty darn cute too. 

Some interesting bat facts: 

  • Bats are the only mammals able to fly. Their taxonomic order, Chiroptera, means “hand-wing.”
  • Many bats can use their ears to navigate. They make high-pitched sounds and listen for the echoes to identify obstacles and insects. 
  • Most bats eat insects or plants, often getting their nutrients from flies, beetles, nectar or fruit. That diet means bats play a key role in our food system: They protect crops by keeping insect populations in check, and help pollinate or spread the seeds of figs, cashews, mangoes and more.
  • Their guano (bat poop) is good for our gardens. Or can be used to make gun powder.
  • Bats are actually quite clean, grooming themselves just like cats do.

I must confess I couldn’t think of a better day for getting this awesome tattoo than on Halloween, because of bats are a natural symbol of Halloween. One theory for the link between bats and Halloween has to do with the festival of Samhain. When the Celts celebrated the end of the harvest on October 31, they would light bonfires to keep evil spirits at bay. This practice would attract insects and, in turn, bats.